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EVT_FAST Request Form

The NCEDC offers a number of web services that provide improved functionality formerly served by the EVT_FAST, NETDC & STP systems. The NCEDC will shut down EVT_FAST, NETDC & STP on December 31, 2017: Read more on our NCEDC News page...

11/11/2004: NCSS event waveform data are now available in SEED format. As a result, tools such as SeismiQuery and NetDC may also be used to request NCSS data.

EVT_FAST was initially developed as an interim tool for accessing NCSS data in lieu of the SEED-tools. We continue to support EVT_FAST and have modified the interface to provide SEED and MiniSEED output as well as support for SEED 'SNCL' requests.

Changes effective 2004/11/11:

  1. By default, you will receive ALL of the waveforms for each NCSS event you request. However, you can now select a subset of channels. This channel list applies to ALL events in your request.
  2. The waveform data channel will now be named with the approriate SEED channel names, NOT with original NSSN USGS channel names. For example, the SEED channel name EHZ refers to a 100 Hz data channel, whereas the NCSS USGS channel was VHZ.
  3. Use SeismiQuery or the NCSN station list and NCSN station list documentation for a current list of NCSN stations and channels.

Changes effective 2013/01/15:

  1. The EVT_FAST system can now be used with events from different earthquake catalogs. The NCEDC currently serves events from 2 distinct earthquake catalogs:
    • the NCSS catalog for northern California,
    • the EGS catalog for DOE Enhanced Geothermal Systems monitoring.
    Events from the NCSS catalog can be explicitly specified by adding the domain prefix NC. to the eventid. Events from the EGS catalog must be explicitly specified by adding the domain EGS. prefix to the eventid The default earthquake catalog is the NCSS catalog if no domain prefix is specified for the eventid.

The EVT_FAST request mechanism is based on email. When you send an EVT_FAST request in an email to the NCEDC, the NCEDC extracts the waveforms for the events from its archive, converts the waveforms for each event to the specified data format, places the converted waveforms in its anonymous ftp directory, and sends you email with the URL for the waveforms. The waveforms will be in a gzipped tar file.

You may use this form to create and submit an EVT_FAST request, or you can create your own EVT_FAST request by reading the EVT_FAST documentation and emailing the request to

Event ID selection
  • Using this webpage form, you may use this form to select up to 10 events.
  • You may find the NCSS eventids from the NCSS Catalog search, or EGS eventids from the EGS Catalog search,
  • You should specify a prefixed of NC. for NCSS events, or EGS. for EGS events.
  • If no prefix is specified, the default is to assume NCSS eventids.
  • You may create your own EVT_FAST request and email it by reading the EVT_FAST documentation.

Channel selection
  • You may use this section to specify up to 10 distinct SEED channels selections.
  • If you do not specify any channel selections, you will receive ALL data channels associated with the event.
  • Each channel selection may use wildcard characters in the SEED network, station, channel, and location fields. Any field not specified on a partially specified line will be wildcarded.
  • Use a "-" or "--" to explicitly specify a blank location code.
  • You may use SeismiQuery. to see what data channels may be available.
Network Station Channel Location
SEED Selection 1:
SEED Selection 2:
SEED Selection 3:
SEED Selection 4:
SEED Selection 5:
SEED Selection 6:
SEED Selection 7:
SEED Selection 8:
SEED Selection 9:
SEED Selection 10:

Data Format, Media, and Label choices
  • The only media currently supported is FTP.
  • The LABEL string is used to name your FTP file.

User Information
PHONE: (optional)
FAX: (optional)

When you use data from the NCEDC, please provide a proper acknowledgement of the data source.

Questions, Comments, and Feedback

We encourage you to contact us with questions,comments and feedback concerning the NCEDC. You can contact us via email at